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"With its multiplicity of domestic settings and kaleidoscopic mix of wrestlers, Christians, truth, evil, George Michael, masturbation, sibling rivalry, the mental health system in Canada, New Order, eventual redemption, Savage 1986-2011 is a memorable memoir packaged as a novel, not to be read by candle light too close to your own family’s powder keg of secrets."  

"The story arc is a unique look at one family member’s recollection of his rise and fall and of a messy nuclear family meltdown with bouts of hope, lust, power, love and corruption all fountaining out in loud Technicolor."
- Paper Darts

"Written in lilting poetic prose, the narrative provides a startlingly accurate portrait of young adulthood." 
- Rabble

"The "Nate" growing up in a wildly dysfunctional family in the Toronto district of Leaside may or may not be the author’s self-portrait: many things match what Moore has revealed of his real life, some things don’t. But if even half of what’s here is true in essence, then it is a work of remarkable frankness, even courage."
- The Montreal Gazette

"Savage 1986-2011 is a reminder that no love is easy, and scars might never fade, but they can heal. Better, they may even end up transformed, like so many blue Mondays made into art"
- The National Post

"In the end Nathaniel G. Moore’s Savage 1986-2011 is a fascinating artistic tribute to Randy Savage that will not only interest wrestling fans, but also anyone who remembers what it was to live life over that same 25-year period, grow as a person, and become more than they were."  
- Slam! Wrestling

"Savage 1986-2011, it is the pretext of de-masking, the promise of the memoir that proliferates a sputtering of identities, fictions, narratives, and lesser masks, each vibrating in different tensions. A field of distortion that is not honest, per se, but is designed to reveal conflicts and instabilities, the glue that holds haphazardly together. As Nate himself finally realizes, there can be no discharge of the powers of representation. No kill switch, no way to pin your opponent and end the match. Savage 1986-2011 is a memoir that lives its fiction as a crime against itself—as a futility of fact and a symptom of truth’s adolescent promise.”
- Trish Low, Lemonhound

Audio podcast from Savage 1986-2011

Wrestlemania 2 : George Steele

Date: April 7, 1986 …. This is 1986 and the SAVAGE ELBOW only gets two? ….

Hogan vs Iron Sheik MSG 1984
WM 1 Main Event 1985
Hogan vs Piper War to Settle the Score 1985
Hogan vs Savage 1986 
Hogan vs Orndorff Big Event 1986
Hogan vs Orndorff SNME 1987
WM 3 Main Event
Hogan vs Andre The Main Event 1988
Hogan vs Harley Race SNME 1988
Mega Powers vs Andre and DiBiase Summerslam 1988
Mega Powers vs Akeem and Bossman The Main Event 1989
Hogan vs Savage WM 5
Hogan vs Bossman The Main Event 1989
Hogan vs Savage The Main Event 1990
Hogan vs Warrior WM 6
Hogan vs Perfect SNME 1990
Hogan vs Undertaker Survivor Series 1991
Hogan vs Undertaker This Tuesday in Texas 1991
Hogan vs Flair Bash at the Beach 1994
Hogan vs Vader 1995
Bash at the Beach 1996 
Fall Brawl 1996
Hogan vs Luger Nitro 1997
Hogan vs Sting Starrcade 1997
Hogan vs Goldberg Nitro 1998
Hogan vs The Rock WM X8
Hogan vs HHH Backlash 2002
Hogan vs Taker 2002
Hogan vs Brock Lesnar Smackdown 2002
Hogan vs Vince WM XIX
Hogan vs HBK Summerslam 2005

The Undertaker says slam. 

1 hours ago - In May 1986, during an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event, Roberts delivered a DDT to … feud with Randy Savage in 1986, many fans would cheer for Roberts instead of Savage and Roberts …. Wrestlers That Shocked The Public In 2011. Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Jake would play with a snake again on Saturday Night’s Main Event in late 1991. The Cobra was devenomrized. “Maybe you want to get rid of the Macho Man Snake Man!” Randy told Jake and Vince beforehand. Roddy Piper was scared. Jake took advantage of the distraction by blindsiding Savage, clotheslining him off the apron to the floor. Roberts followed him to the outside, rammed his arm into the post, and rolled him into the ring where he tied Savage into the ring ropes and delivered a series of knees. Jake went for the bag and, as the audience held its breath, he opened it up and out of the bag poured a real live king cobra. Jake picked up the cobra and walked over to where Savage was tied in the ropes and, in a shocking visual, the cobra bit Savage on the arm. The amazing reality of the situation was that not only was this a real king cobra, but it was really biting Savage. In order to make it look real, Savage agreed to make it real and allow the snake to legitimately attack him. The cobra latched onto his injured arm and began chewing away, drawing a flow of blood down Savage’s arm. The cobra was sunk in deep and, with the blood leaking out of his wounded arm, Savage helplessly writhed as the reptile continued to dig into him. The line between work and shoot blurred again here, as Jake began trying to pull the snake off of Savage, but it wouldn’t let go. Roberts began shaking the snake, kayfabing it to look like he was trying to get it to bite harder, but he was actually trying to shake it loose of Savage. Read more at—-The-Randy-Savage-Snakebite-Incident.htm#ABCZC28iuX4Ve67M.99 Originally Posted by Demonique Oh, the Snake Bites - YouTube I’ve just discovered this video of a wrestling match from the 90s. Jake the snake Roberts holding an angry king cobra which proceeded to bite the crap out of Randy Savage. Is this a real (albeit venomoid King) or just an elaborate fake? (Looks pretty real to me though) From comments on the video the snake died about a week after the match (guess it couldn’t handle the roids) Heh I remember this the first time around, yes it was in fact a real a Cobra and yes it was void of it’s venom. Jake the Snake (if I’m correct) had difficulty removing the snake from Randy Savages arm and the whole thing kinda went along more than it should’ve done. The snake did indeed die shortly later and Randy Savage proclaimed (as a joke) that the snake had been envenomed from Randy Savage during the bite. Oh dear yes I was a WWF fan as a kid I must say I’ve not watched your clip Youtube craps this old lappy out so I could be looking like an idiot and it’s a different clip!

HTML GIANT reviews SAVAGE 1986-2011


"With its multiplicity of domestic settings and kaleidoscopic mix of wrestlers, Christians, truth, evil, George Michael, masturbation, sibling rivalry, the mental health system in Canada, New Order, eventual redemption, Savage 1986-2011 is a memorable memoir packaged as a novel, not to be read by candle light too close to your own family’s powder keg of secrets.”

                                                          - HTML GIANT

Savage Shorts Launches on Youtube!

February 21, 2014
Toronto, Canada
On the day WWE Inc. announces Hulk Hogan will host Wrestlemania XXX, Toronto author Nathaniel G. Moore announces the debut of "Savage Shorts" on his Youtube channel. 
Savage Shorts is a dynamically low-fi video Playlist is here featuring over 10 incredible 10 second, 20 second, 30 second 1 minute and 4 minute VHS classics from the years 1990-1993. Subscribe today! All free and all part of the incredible journey that lead to Savage 1986-2011 being published in Canada! Watch for the incredible low price of free! This playlist is dedicated to Warren Auld.


Hulk Hogan To Host Wrestlemania XXX


Hulkamania is back with the return of Hulk Hogan to the wrestling stage for WWE’s ‘Monday Night Raw.’ And the WWE Hall Of Famer couldn’t be happier as he once again gets to climb into the ring with some of the biggest names in wrestling.

Terry Gene Bollea, 59, who is better known by his ring name, Hulk Hogan, is making his triumphant return to the WWE, TMZ originally reported on Feb. 21. And he will make his epic return during WWE’s Monday Night Raw on Feb. 24.

Hulk Hogan is heading back to the squared circle on Feb. 24 for WWE’s Monday Night Raw. And will also be back just in time for WrestleMania 30.

The WWE Hall of Fame Icon hasn’t been seen in the WWE since their SummerSlam PPV in 2007 where he ended up losing his match against fellow WWE Superstar Randy Orton. But with the upcoming WWE network launch, what better time for Hulkamania to return!

Recently, Hulk Hogan has been training at the WWE Performance Center in Florida in an effort to make his big return the most spectacular it can be, TMZ reports.

It hasn’t been made official whether or not the former Hogan Knows Best reality star will actually be wrestling a full match, but TMZ sources reveal that things could get very physical for Hulk Hogan as this upcoming Monday Night Raw action heats up. Hogan also played a minor role in the novel Savage 1986-2011 published by Anvil Press in which the Mega Powers move to Leaside and watch wrestling and eat junk food.

Additionally, Hulk’s return is scheduled to coincide with the debut of the newWWE Network. Plus, it has been confirmed that Hulk Hogan will also appear at Wrestlemania XXX in April 2014. He will be hosting the show.

Savage (excerpts and collage)

     Of all the things I kept with me on my odyssey, it was my RCA CC-432 VHS Analog Camcorder that acted as a strong phantom limb; a perennial, albeit cumbersome, necessity for my ever-changing wilderness. 


     “How could you say that shit about Mom!” I said with a gusty shout, and pulled him out by his winter-coat collar. “Asshole!” I threw him down on the ground. “You fucking piece of shit!” As he tried to get up, I kicked him twice hard in the stomach; bits of snow exploded around each leg thrust.
The words would get erased. Just me kicking him. That’s it.
“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” I blasted with hateful fangs.

     The gargantuan winds had subsided. All that remained was a cold and brutal afternoon; the fake sun hanging benign.  

Dearest Mega Power partner Andrew:

So, listen. Here are Some ideas for our presidential campaign:

Send it to the radio day (we make up new remixes of songs and try and get them on air: the whole school sends in hundred of tapes!)

Come to School Naked Day!

Food drive (run over food)

Video dance party with Erica Ehm

Erica Ehm Day

Roof Day (classes on the roof, suntanning, barbecues, concerts, just like The Beatles!)


This is the end, my only friend, the end. We should go to the meeting (it’s 15 mins.) at 3:20 tonight and see who’s runnin’; then we either run or run for the door! Imagine: Don’t be sour, vote Mega Powers! Also, I think I’ll be playing hockey in the same league as that guy in our Eng. class, Steve, Stevie.

Signed truly,

Nate Savage (co-Mega Power)


What made you decide to turn Savage into a sitcom set in the 1980s?
NGM: I never did that.


NGM: I told my assistant to tell you that I never wrote for the show The Goldbergs. Somehow this got confused. To me it’s a show with no stars on it that just says it’s based in 1985. It has E.T. in the opening credits.
Did you ever think the stuff you filmed on your videocamera as a teenager would be made into a sitcom?

No I never did, and it never turned into a sitcom. But I did shoot the first ever cat video. Just kidding! Know what is strangest; a lot of Savage’s 1992 foes are rumoured to be enterting the WWF Hall of Fame. I mean, 1991 and 1986 too in Jake Roberts. There’s a rumour Scott Hall a.k.a. Razor Ramon will be inducted as well. I saw him live against Savage in 1992 at a house show at the gardens. Maple Leaf Gardens. He was terrific; super tall, great talker and scary puncher. That time in my life I was finishing up with high school and Randy Savage was winding down his WWF tenure. 

Who is Razor Ramon?

NGM: He was one of the top WWF draws in the 1990s. I would say that him and Bret and Shawn and Kevin Nash were easily the four greatest wrestlers of the 1990s. As Savage’s popularity waned, his last major feud was with Razor who never called him “Macho Man”. Ramon claimed, almost like a copyright infringement, that he was the only wrestler in the W.W.F. oozing machismo. And after bashing Savage’s knee around in a match, costing him the world title, Ramon cut an infamous (to me anyway) promo calling him a one-legged punk and reminded him that he no longer had the gold. That was a turning point for the WWF if you look at the time between Wrestlemania VII and Wrestlemania IX in that two year period you had the influx of Ric Flair and his departure, the firing, re-hiring and firing of The Ultimate Warrior, you had the first time in WWF history that the company put on pay-per-views without Hogan. (They did this three times then brought him back for two more pay days in 1993). With the deck being shuffled on top, the mid card became the main event and soon you could tell who was going to make up the top spots in the business. Hall was soon placed at the top of the mid-card with the Intercontinental title and held it numerous times before his departure in 1996. Had he stayed in the WWF during the Monday Night Wars I could only hope his character would have changed in the wake of reality storylines that were popular in the late 1990s. He could have come out and worked a program with Austin, making fun of his past monikers like “The Ringmaster”, “Stunning” Steve Austin, etc. and say, you know what Chico, my name is Scott Hall. Like Ted DiBiase, and Mr. Perfect, Hall is on a list of guys that should have had a run with the WWF title at one time or another. In many cases it’s all timing. Hall was great on the mic but I think the Razor character was getting a bit stale; of course it’s easy to say that considering after he left the WWF he went into the hottest storyline in wrestling history, that ever so meta, post-modern faction known as the new world order. Personal demons kept him from a stable run on top but he was there in spirit with his best buddy Kevin Nash.

Did you find it hard to transition from blogging to novel writing then to sitcom script writing?

NGM: I’ve found none of these thing. One thing I can say is this: unlike Bill Goldberg’s run in WCW where he became the biggest wrestler the company ever produced ever,  
The Goldbergs television show in which television audiences follows the Goldberg family lead by Jeff Garlin acting as Murray and Wendi McLendon-Covey as Beverly the mom won’t have the same success. The series stars Jeff Garlin as husband Murray, Wendi McLendon-Covey as wife Beverly.

Have you seen the show? Are you satisfied with the results?

NGM: No not really. And yes I’ve seen the show.  


The Silverdome, 1987. Fictional souvenir poster. Me, Dad and James Franco.

Randy Savage and the WWE Hall of Fame 2014


The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is held the night before WrestleMania and is one of WWE’s most popular events of the year because it’s the night when the WWE Universe can thank legends for everything they did in their careers. But are internet marks just fueling the fire with their year-round and seemingly seamless debate about who gets in?

The first inductee for this year’s Hall of Fame is the Ultimate Warrior. A former WWE Champion, Warrior is a guy that has had an interesting history with WWE, but is back on great terms and will likely be the biggest single name at the Hall of Fame this year.

Who else might make it in? We don’t know yet, so it’s time to speculate a bit because there are a lot of people who can be honored at the big event taking place on April 5th in New Orleans.

Two names that are always rumored are Randy Savage and Owen Hart. In Savage’s case, of course he should have been in about a decade ago. Why isn’t he? There’s no true answer to that question except that he’s not in yet. It’s a damn shame. There’s no indication that this would be the year for him. Savage is in the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and was a part of the 1996 inaugural class for the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. The WWE version, however, remains Macho Man-less.

His credentials are obvious. Savage was a top star in the ’80s and ’90s as both a memorable heel and babyface and has an in-ring resume filled with some of WWE’s best matches. Ironically the Hall’s first entrant, Andre The Giant, hated Randy Savage. Perhaps it is that distinct fact that keeps him out above all. Savage’s success and brand was so unique, he never needed to return. He’s an all-time great generation after generation, whether Punk wears his trunks or not. He’s loved by 20 year old fans who never saw him wrestle live. Him not returning to WWE television only makes him more powerful. His legacy thanks to the internet, and Youtube and the fan’s energy make him immortal and pure.

His brother Lanny Poffo:

"It occurred to me that I decided ‘what a minute, I’m not going to be put in the middle of all this.’ The thing is the WWE did not ask my permission to run the parody of the Huckster and the Nacho Man, and I don’t have a battery of lawyers on retainer, so my belief is, do what you want. You want to honor him? Go ahead. This is the same company that didn’t send its condolences to my mother who is going to be 87 in January. Now I know they made a nice video tribute, but don’t you understand that that’s just PR. Just like when they fire you, they wish you luck on your future endeavors? That’s PR, they have a public relations department. So naturally, when somebody dies, and everybody always has, you know, because it’s either suicide or an overdose. “

"In Randy’s case it was one of the few honorable deaths they’ve had. His toxicology report was crystal clear. Clean. And that meant a lot to me. Well, name a wrestler that died and they’ve all got something wrong with their toxicology report… Remember the Huckster and the Nacho Man? Everyone says ‘What’s the matter? Can’t you take a joke?’ Well, some of those jokes were a little bit… like they accused Hulk Hogan of doing Elizabeth. Remember that one, when they did the Larry King one? And I thought that was- they said ‘How was Elizabeth?’ ‘Not too good.’ The guy imitating Hulk Hogan and Randy looked at each other. And they made fun of his balding, and that was a little bit of lack of respect. So I said wait a minute, it’s true that Randy wanted the Poffos to go in as a family but you can’t make them do that. So I figured, rather than put myself in the middle for the rest of my life, I said hey, go ahead and do whatever you want. I only have two requests. Leave me out of it- don’t invite me- and please don’t pay me, because I don’t need the thirty pieces of silver.
That was the amount Judas Iscariot took to betray Jesus…”

He and Ricky Steamboat put on a match at WrestleMania III that many consider to be the greatest of all time. In Owen Hart’s case, there have been legal issues for years with his widow Martha. Apparently those have been resolved to some degree, but whether that means he’d be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame is another story.

Let’s also remember that WWE Hall of Fame is not always about deserving. A guy like Koko B Ware is in there despite the fact he never won a title, probably lost 80% of his televised matches (a glorified jobber really) and is usually the name people point to when it comes to people who don’t deserve to be in there.

Savage 1986-2011 was published in November of 2013 by Nathaniel G. Moore a Canadian writer who in 2011 curated an art show to honour the life of the late Randy Savage.